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March 10, 2016

During the second half of 2015, the world has heard about many innovations in the sphere of neural networks and the company The Neurosphere has also demonstrated its algorithms (an expert in machine learning for commercial use of neural networks).

Neural networks are one of the areas in which artificial intelligence systems are being developed. The idea is to simulate the work of the human nervous system as closely as possible to its ability to learn and correct errors. This is the main feature of any neural network is its ability to independently learn and act on the basis of previous experience, making fewer and fewer mistakes each time.

The neural network imitates not only the activity, but also the structure of the human nervous system. Such a network consists of a great number of individual processing elements that can be called ” neurons “. In most cases each “neuron” refers to a definite layer of the network. Input data is processed consistently on all layers of the network. The parameters of each “neuron” can vary depending on the results obtained in the previous input datasets, thus altering the order of work of the whole system.

The Neurosphere’s area manager of ” Business use of Neural Networks ” notes that neural networks can solve the same tasks as other machine learning algorithms, the only difference being the approach to learning.

All tasks that neural networks can perform are somehow linked to training. The main applications of neural networks include forecasting, decision making, pattern recognition, optimisation, data analysis.

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