"THENEUROSPHERE" helps business

May 6, 2016

The Neurosphere neural network development company has launched beta testing of its platform for testing API products based on mock data (have a structure identical to the real one but not valid).

The API allows you to use the opportunities of “The Neurosphere” to develop new products, create applications and automation of business processes with a minimum figure of Time to First Successful API Call.

As stated on the company’s website, work with mock data is not tariffed, and the use of API products with actual data and a debug server will be accessible.

The head of the organisation reports that in the following releases we will add a ‘sandbox’ where you will be able to work with actual data: with a restriction of five numbers, the ownership of which you have confirmed after one time password and the number of requests. This format will be useful to test the integration with actual data.

The developers emphasize that The Neurosphere is in a closed beta now, so not all functions may be accessible, however, the functionality of the user’s account will expand.

As reported, on the 9th of October in 2016 “The Neurosphere” announced the launch of the beta platform it is online platform for cooperation with IT product companies, allowing to connect to the services of the company and use its data sets for development and testing of products.

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