March 6, 2017

Let’s dream a little. Imagine a world that can meet us very soon. In addition, perhaps, this world has already been woven, simply has not yet been launched into action.

   Just imagine. Clans that have been setting the direction for tens, if not hundreds of years, will be replaced by information systems. The era of the Rockefeller dynasty is coming to a logical end and with it the usual charters of the world. What if the digital era comes to replace capitalism and artificial intelligence becomes the main performer?

   He will not only be smart. He will be smart enough to surpass the intellect of a person. For example, the use of the attention mechanism will allow not only concentrating on the assigned task, but also finding a solution in it where information noise prevents a person from making it. Companies will be able to reduce the cost of training systems, the time spent and get the desired result and super profits. We remember the first victory of the Deep Blue computer over a chess player in 1997. At that time, IBM had been dealing with chess systems for more than 30 years and was able only 8 years later, after the defeat in 1989, to create a computer that defeated the logic of a living person.

   The victory consisted in the fact that the machine was able to calculate all options for further moves. The best chess players spend their whole lives on this. For Deep Blue it took 7 years from defeat to victory.

   Let’s imagine that classical chess is too easy. Moreover, we will try to teach AI so that it cannot only calculate, but also think like a human. Endow him with intelligence and ability to think. In addition, what if it does not take 30 years to learn and win, but a day is enough. If this intelligence begins to self-learn, calculating the logic of each new assigned program, it will win in the best chess strategies, shogi, or even the logical game of Go.

   It would be interesting to reflect on the fact that the new AI will be so intellectually developed that it will be able to train its own kind. For instance. We will create an intelligence that will self-learn in all possible games in the world. Logic, strategies, plans. In addition, we will create a second AI, which, for example, will be sharpened for social networks. For example, recognize products in a photo collect and analyze customer behavior, and know everything about a web user. Now let’s imagine that we will make these two AIs teach each other. Change experiences and expand skills even more. Communication in your language, your logic. Scary? Little.

   While we are imagining. The world is on the verge of irreversible changes.
The era of capitalism will end and the world will change forever. The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we broadcast will be replaced by the era of digital realities.

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