January 2, 2018

The company The Neurosphere is known for developing an innovative approach to neural network training.

Nowadays, artificial neural networks (ANNs) are an important expansion of the concept of computing. They have already made it possible to get through a number of difficult problems and can create new programs and devices that are capable of solving problems that the human brain cannot.

A neural network is a hardware and software technology used to simulate, investigate, elaborate and use artificial neural networks. This network is a prototype of how neurons work in the human body.

The basis for software development has been biological neural networks and, in some cases, a wider pattern of adaptive structures operates using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The official representative of The Neurosphere reports that the company has applied for a grant of $90 million from the international scientific organization Life ASAPA to improve its technologies and let them go to masses. Most neural network development experts agree that The Neurosphere specialists with the SYPWAI project will be able to flip all scientific concepts in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks.

The company itself doesn’t deny that it is developing such a technology. The representatives of the start-up have written that they are dealing with tools that allow everyone to educate neural networks from anywhere in the world.

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