April 6, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a whole science focused on the study of thought processes, adopting the tasks and programming computers for specific logical actions.

The main objective of this discipline is to establish an artificial mind capable of analysing targets and making decisions on the basis of logical sequences to achieve certain goals.

Machine intelligence is developing at a rapid pace. Science-fiction writers are humanizing machines, giving them features of behavior and form that are inherent to people. In reality, AI covers a much larger range of formations and characteristics. Varieties of artificial intelligence include the SIRI voice assistant in the IOS operating system from Apple, self-driving cars developed by the company Tesla, the IBM Watson supercomputer and even autonomous weapons.

The modern AI is designed for highly specialised tasks such as facial analysis, voice recognition, online counselling and even participation in live casino games. Experts note that already today machine training and the AI itself is being actively implemented in online casino software development. For example, in the entertainment industry, the trend of games with a live webcam dealer has recently become popular. And what will be the surprise for gamers when they learn that already real human communication often happens not with a real dealer, but with the same poker bot. On the other hand, for operators of the gambling business market, it is primarily about automating tasks and improving service.

Scientists all over the world are aimed at creating a comprehensive AGI system, a universal superintelligence capable of performing a wide range of non-standard tasks and making independent decisions. Such a supercomputer will be capable of surpassing human capabilities in many areas simultaneously.

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