July 6, 2018

Artificial intelligence is a technology, or rather a direction of modern science, which studies ways to teach a computer, robotic technology, and an analytical system to think intelligently like a person. In fact, the dream of intelligent robotic assistants arose long before the invention of the first computers.

People in the mid-50s of the last century were greatly impressed by the capabilities of computers, especially the ability of computers, to accurately perform many tasks simultaneously. Fantastic ideas about thinking machines immediately appeared in the minds of scientists and writers. It was during this period that the first artificial intelligence technologies began to emerge.

Research in AI is conducted by studying the mental abilities of a person and translating the results obtained into the field of computers. In this way, artificial intelligence receives information from a wide variety of sources and disciplines. These are computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, biology, mechanical engineering. Computers use machine learning technology to simulate human intelligence based on massive amounts of data.

The main goals of AI are fairly transparent:

Creation of analytical systems that have intelligent behavior, can independently or under the supervision of a person learn, make predictions and build hypotheses based on the data set.

The implementation of human intelligence in a machine is the creation of assistant robots that can behave like people: think, learn, understand and perform assigned tasks.

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