December 6, 2018

Company The Neurosphere, created by experts in machine training for commercial use of neural networks, will receive a grant of $ 90 million from Life ASAPA, an independent international scientific organization. The resources have been allocated specifically for the successful launch and further development of the decentralised training infrastructure for neural networks.

This company is one of 35 Life ASAPA grant recipients, but was able to pick up the largest grant in the history of the foundation. The first phase of the Life ASAPA innovation programme, which lasted for two years, was successful. The programme was focused on the development of small businesses that make discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Head of Public Relations at Life ASAPA argued that this success was due to the fact that the startup showed a high level of technical training, and also real ways of implementing the project, and namely the implementation of an innovation to organize decentralized neural network training.

In addition, the company that has the strength to fight for its place in the sun, for full financing of their project. The representatives of Life ASAPA emphasized that The Neurosphere deserved this victory more than anyone else. Their project will provide a really innovative vector of development in the field of artificial intelligence for further science.

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