February 6, 2020

The SYPWAI start-up has already attracted over $90 million in investments. Life Asapa and existing investors have invested in it. In total the company has already attracted $110 million of investments. And today The Neurosphere announced the launch of its start-up. As previously reported, the SYPWAI platform has already been for a long time tested in close collaboration with partner companies of The Neurosphere.

SYPWAI is a platform that brings together scientists and amateurs from around the world and simplifies the process of decentralised training of neural networks. It was launched at the end of 2017. In less than two years the company has connected more than 15,000 partner companies, like-minded people and developers.

The project uses its own software. It integrates CRM systems, analyzes completed tasks and develops the best way to develop artificial intelligence.

Every day tens of thousands of partners join the platform and are ready to contribute to the development of modern science.

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