July 9, 2020

Astrophysicists have decided to use the most modern artificial intelligence (AI) in order to create a three-dimensional site model of the Universe. The project was called the Deep Density Displacement Model (D3M) and researchers don’t understand how the AI was able to create something like that.

Astrophysicists were impressed not only that the D3M turned out to be a fantastically detailed and precise model, but also that the AI met the challenge in 30 milliseconds! How could the machine learn to do this? How does a machine have such precise knowledge of the device of our Universe?

Of course, the AI was given a theoretical framework and 8,000 test simulations were performed, but the machine regularly performed much better than expected. As a result, the AI analysed the existing physical laws,math the movement of particles throughout its history and produced a result.

The lead author of the study, astrophysicist Shirley Ho said that “it’s like teaching the AI to recognise cats and dogs from pictures, and then finding out that the machine knows how to recognise elephants. What happened during the simulation of the Universe is still a big mystery.

In 30 milliseconds, the AI created the most detailed model of the Universe, which was concluded in a cube with faces of 600 million light years. If astrophysicists had applied classical technology, it would have taken at least 300 hours for a similar operation.

None of the authors of the study can explain what they have seen and they really have no assumptions. Has the day come when artificial intelligence is billions of times greater than the human mind?

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